Perhaps you find yourself strolling down South Elm Street in Greensboro, enjoying the scenery and watching as people move about. Sitting there is a building so elegant, so reminiscent of Harlem, yet holding a southern charm of New Orleans,
that it almost feels as if you have been transported
to another place and time.

The beauty simply draws you closer; the big beautiful statuesque windows entice you to take a peek inside. The colors, seating, pictures, and details are magnificent. You just have to go inside. As you approach the door, you realize that you have stumbled upon downtown’s hidden gem…
Harlem Bistro & Bar.

Harlem Bistro & Bar brings something different to Elm Street, a different taste, a different look and a different way to socialize. From the mouthwatering dishes served to the soothing live music, Harlem Bistro & Bar offers you a combination of fine dining with an ambiance to be desired.

“It was designed to exceed your expectations!”
Harlem Bistro & Bar // 223 South Elm St. Greensboro, NC 27401 // Phone: 336-378-1244
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